Advantages to Retreats

Currently reviewing future dates due to Covid-19

Our retreats will do all of the above but for you personally. We will set the scene to help you let go of the unnecessary baggage trapping you in the everyday. Retreats are more personally intensive and will challenge you emotionally, mentally and physically to reflect, recover, reset and the more you do the more you commit yourself, the more will be revealed to you.

What to expect on a retreat

Sport and experiential learning to take you out of your comfort zone, mindfulness, meditation, diet advice, Wai Kru Performance build a Mongkhon, visit temples and a special guest visitor.

Beautiful Poland the scene is all set for our first retreat in May 2020. Exciting isn’t the word.

Themed ‘Invoke Change’ now is the time to make some time for you.

Life can be hard and overwhelming at times. We all have had this experience. Whether you are feeling down and depressed or stressed, you will need someone to bring back life into you. It is fine to ask for help in fact you should ask for help when things get bad.
During this coaching retreat you will learn how to stay positive, manage stress, and your life without being criticised or judged.

Going on a coaching- retreats helps you to deal with issues at a higher level. So, let us give you some reasons as to why you should consider taking part in our event.

  1. ​Location, tranquillity and not too far from home.
  2. ​To improve your health and wellbeing
  3. ​Gain Self-Confidence
  4. ​Rediscover your life path.
  5. ​Taking Responsibility
  6. ​Being proactive not reactive
  7. ​How not to procrastinate
  8. ​Using unique techniques in your new life

The above is a dream, considering the current situation. Most countries are going through a lock down, flights cancelled and people are strongly advised to stay home. Bearing all that in mind we had taken in to account the Government advise and the forecasts that have been disclosed.

We have taken steps to move the dates for this retreat and we look forward to meeting you at this retreat during the last week of August 2020.

Let`s celebrate new times together in August!

Full details and dates are featured on our Eventbrite page via this link: