About us

Pain Point Coaching uses sports programmes to firstly, train teams in how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress. Secondly, our aim is to then create optimal performance in people and organisations. Feedback from our workshops has included the following positive outcomes:

  • Increased energy level
  • Improved goal setting, focus, assertiveness and priority setting skills
  • Improved creative, strategic and analytical thinking under (time) pressure
  • Performing better as a team
  • Providing insight into behavioural patterns and improve self-awareness and personal leadership skills
  • Providing insight into behavioural patterns within team structures
  • Improved leadership skills

How we do what we do

Pain Point Coach uses sport as a metaphor. Sport not only helps to reveal your limiting beliefs. It helps you to overcome them.

Alongside sport, Pain Point Coach courses use experiential learning to help people become more successful at work and in their lives.

“We certainly never realised as a team that sport coupled with the mindfulness programme brilliantly delivered by Pain Point Coach could have such an impact on our people and business. Our leaders are having more impact than ever before having followed the Pain Point Coach programme to the letter.”