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Creating the best You. Are you interested in Maximizing Your Performance?

Unlock that inner positivity and take control of your life.

Are you ready to start building confidence?

Are you struggling to create the lifestyle you want?

Through my business and sports career I have hit many hurdles that prevented me from moving forward. A lot of the time it came down to my emotions, the anxiety of getting into the ring, the stress of dealing with a business problem. 

Stress and anxiety can manifest into many things that don't just affect you but the people around you. I have seen this on so many levels and left unchecked can ruin peoples lives.

“Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.”
Of course, not all stress is a negative but, how can you perform more effectively when under stress? And even more importantly, how can you reduce your stress?

I have a unique set of skills that helped me to overcome a lot of the fear, anxiety and stress that impact the majority of people on a daily basis. 

What is the Maximizing Your Performance programme

We have created the Maximize your performance programme to do exactly what it says on the tin. So many people go through life trying to figure out where it all went wrong or why it hasn't worked out the way they wanted it to believing that it might be to late to change the outcome. This programme has been developed to help you do this.

Do you find yourself asking yourself the following?
  • Why am i always scared to say what i think?
  • Why do i always feel tired and unmotivated?
  • Why do i always feel anxious?
  • Why am i always thinking negative thoughts
  • Why do get stressed about the smallest thing?
But wishing you had the following in your life?
  • I wish i had more confidence
  • I wish i had more energy
  • I wish i could be calmer in certain situations
  • I wish i could control my thoughts and not be emotionally affected by negative thoughts
  • I wish i could have a happy, stress free day

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Here’s what people are saying about Maximizing Your Performance

our online programmes are setup with you in mind. Hear what other people who have been through the program have to say.

Dolphin Global Network

Maria a Master Life Coach

“Many Thanks for your presentation last Tuesday in Manchester
We are very grateful to you for making that event so fantastic.”

Mary Kettle

Business Owner

“Absolutely brilliant, enjoyed the experience thoroughly and would highly recommend.”

Les Mcgrath


“John Bullock utilises his business and sports real-life experience to help entrepreneurs and executives to cope well…”

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Maximizing Your Performance!

Pain Point Coaching uses sports programmes to firstly, train teams in how to deal with pressure, anxiety and stress. Secondly, our aim is to then create optimal performance in people and organisations. Feedback from our workshops has included the following positive outcomes:

Module #1 Confidence & Awareness
  • Lesson 1. Awareness & decision making
  • Lesson 2. Where are you now
  • Lesson 3. Four levels of awareness
  • Trivia Quiz 6 questions

At the end of this module you will have the power to control your emotions.

Through meditation and other mind techniques you will learn to control your emotions and defuse the negative emotions that might be controlling your mood.


Module #2 Confidence & Affirmations
  • Lesson 1. Confidence & Affirmations
  • Lesson 2. Affirmations & Meditations
  • Lesson 3. Affirmations & self reflection
  • Finding Inspiration Action Task

At the end of this module you will be able to grasp opportunities as they present themselves.

You will learn how to develop your confidence and control your mind in order to see an opportunity and take action to change your life for the better.

Module #3 Confidence, being alone with your thoughts & emotions
  • Lesson 1. What comes first?
  • Confidence work book
  • Final Multi-choice questionnaire (10 questions)
  • Maximizing potential 1 - Pass with Distinction

At the end of this module you will have the tools to start changing your life for the better.

You will learn the enhanced skills that i have developed to change how you live your life from day to day. They will allow you to develop a strong and positive mindset, creating confidence and the ability to achieve anything you put your mind to. 


Why is the Maximize Your Performance Program valuable to you?

I want to help you!
I know how you are you feeling right now!
I know because I have been there.

Does this ring true for you?

  • You feel like you are failing.
  • You keep comparing yourself and it doesn’t look good.
  • You are living a lie, not a life.
  • You no longer enjoy how you live your life.
  • You feel like you are constantly submerged under the weight of pressure.
  • With each day it gets worse.
  • You suffer panic attacks.
  • You lack energy.
  • You feel like four walls are closing in on you and each day you suffocate more.
  • You cannot see a way out.

It's important to understand that the knowledge and advice i have given you in this programme isn't just another course to add to your collection. We want you to create realistic goals to help create a positive outcome.

This programme has been put together to ensure you create a change in your life that will impact how you move forward in life.

If i was to provide this training in a one to one settings then this programme would cost you £399

There are a lot of different options out there to pick from. Courses that promise to change your life overnight! This isn't one of those courses. We want to create long lasting changes that will give you the happy life you are looking for. Don't keep spending money on courses that will try to give you a quick fix. Sign up to this programme and change your life forever!

I have been where you are now and I can promise you, there is a way out! There is something you can do to change your life for the better, creating the lifestyle you have always wanted.


You get unlimited access to the skills and tools that i used to build a good lifestyle. You can have access to them  to


199 £399

  • Lifetime Access to the full Maximize Your Performance Programme
  • Immediate Start - Login and start today
  • Access to All Modules
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About the Author

I specialize in programs breaking from the every day and helping change your perspective. This really changes the team's dynamic.  This is exactly what sports does for team performance.  It alters the environment, opens people up, and the learning sticks in their mind. Sports and pressure will also show people's true colours.

After the event, we talk, discuss, and reflect upon the outcomes