January 19

Maximizing YOUR Performance 1 – Confidence


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Maximizing Your Performance 1 confidence is a transforming experience.

It is a totally new model in the field of business continuity, wellness and learning development. Maximizing YOUR performance combines activity, with reflection, refocus and resetting to move you forward  in your life to be the person you knew yourself to be.

Maria Dorota Kompanowski 

Master Life Coach

“Last Tuesday in Manchester, John and PainPointCoach provided training using movement for improving strategies and negotiating skills in business. It was a unique yet very powerful experience and John’s skill in presenting enhanced peoples thinking. Add John’s personality to it and you have the package that will make everyone highly enthusiastic and motivated to act. We at DolphinGlobalNetwork are very grateful to John for his input into our mission of motivating, inspiring and encouraging others to learn as they make changes in their lives on the path of success and fulfilment. We can not recommend John highly enough".

Ian Denny


“I had my eyes opened during a course where we actually used (very light) martial arts on strangers to examine our own fears, reservations and resilience. It was actually a good laugh and touched me! If you see one of John’s courses, you should throw all caution to the wind and get along. You’ll leave much stronger and confident”

Joel Jelen

Public Relations

"Priceless information that should be part of the curriculum at school and college to arm yourself for the world of work and life."


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