December 9

Only fish go with the flow!

That’s a clever quote but doesn’t relate to your version of flow and here is why you should want to know about flow because being inflow is the ability to remain calm in the storm when everyone else is losing their heads. The body teaches the subconscious mind to respond faster and more creatively than the conscious mind can process thought. This is Pain Point Coach – “the calm in the storm”. This is the definition of mindset.

If you lead your life and everything you do With The Flow, you have a much greater chance of maximizing your performance in all you do.

John Bullock, British kick-boxing champion and award-winning entrepreneur.

Two questions I hear time and time again are; 1) What is flow, 2) How do I achieve flow.

Flow what all leaders need to know!

Flow is when the challenges in your life are equaled in force or quantity by your talents and you are moved from coasting into a kind of jet stream of production with full clarity and creative powers.

People experiencing flow often talk of losing all sense of time, hunger, thirst, and are totally absorbed in an activity for its own sake. Every action taken is a continuous flowing momentum as the subconscious mind takes over and the body follows.

This illustration explains how the flow works.

I think I have experienced flow.

It’s highly likely you have as many people have experienced flow. For example, being totally absorbed with a project at work that you have found both enjoyable but challenging at the same time but you knew you had the skill-set to get the project finished.

How do I achieve flow?

WTF! No, not that but this…With The Flow.

You achieve flow by practice and then more practice until you are considered experienced. There is no substitution for experience! To enable you to become experienced I have developed a unique training program involving activity not to make you fitter but to prepare the subconscious mind so you can respond in the heat of the moment when under stress. The body teaches the subconscious mind to respond faster than the conscious mind can process thought. My FREE online course Maximizing YOUR Performance with clarity can be accessed here;

Is being in the zone being in FLOW.

The simple answer is no but let me explain take long-distance running as an example. It’s not uncommon for a runner at 18 miles to hit a thing we call the wall. Essentially the body has run out of energy and the runner will either quit or eventually they will get a second wind and continue. Should they continue they are totally focused on the finishing line and the mindset is such they see themselves finishing. This could be described as being in the zone but their mind is focused on the one thing finishing as they have no energy for any other type of consideration. Flow as explained earlier matches talents with challenges and so the person in flow is capable of creative thought and problem-solving on the move. His or her energy levels are not being consumed by the one task eliminating the ability for creative thought and problem-solving.

In this video I discuss being in flow in sport taken from a 1984 documentary.


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