September 7

What is the long term affects of too much information?


I find national news a total downer with the focus constantly on wars, trade disputes and politics. I feel better in myself when a refuse to invite into my space the news of the day. I feel like to watch it is to absorb and fill my mind with negativity.

If the media objective is to make you, the people, frightened, wary, scared and biased then sadly they appear to be succeeding. What are the long term effects on your mental health?

When I look at the feed on my mobile phone It seems most of it is filled with stuff to simply to fill space with no basis in fact and its often pure speculation.

I love what Denzel Washington says about the news and media in this video.

“If you don’t read the news you are uninformed and if you do the read the news you are misinformed.”

Are we informed through the media or misinformed?


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