December 9

The Wigan Hammer talks about mindset when preparing for life and in sport.

You would be forgiven for thinking of a hammer from Wigan and in many ways, you would not be wrong but the image below is not the Wigan hammer I am referring to. For those of you around in the late ’70s and 1980s, you will know instantly recognize the Wigan Hammer to be the one and only Steve Taberner champion kickboxer.

For the record, this is Steve Taberner.

Steve talks belief!

Steve really believed in himself right from the start and is a great believer in mindset and its ability to overcome great obstacles including injury. Steve saw obstacles as something to overcome and therefore it became something he visualized and something for him to aim for. The important thing here is when you are thinking about what you need to do to move forward Steve never thought that the journey before him was insurmountable. That is a mindset of a champion and one that future visionaries of becoming a champion should consider adopting.

Leaving his comfort zone.

Steve believes if you think like a champion and train like a champion you will become a champion. It is obvious listening to the interview that Steve was willing to accept risks and leave his comfort zone. He stepped out into the unknown on more than one occasion and I believe that’s exactly what the audience loved about Steve his ability to accept risk for us all and his followers, of which there were many, who went on that journey with him and that’s what made him so compelling to watch for Wiganers. (Incidentally, a Wiganer is a person from Wigan).

You should not look at any elite sportsman such as Roger Federer and think he is far too much for me you are putting a barrier in front of yourself. You should look to somebody you admire and say I can become that person and beyond him.

Steve Taberner.

Steve’s book – The Wigan Hammer to be released very soon!

Steve is just finishing his second book all about his journey and how to adopt a sporting mindset of a champion with a section on self-reflection in which you can examine your own mindset and how it compares with our former heavyweight kick-boxing champion The Wigan Hammer.

Steve, talks mindset of a champion in this interview;


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