November 5

Stop Gambling with your future!

The trouble with life benchmarks.

I never wanted to be a statistic on a government chart. You know the type of thing at thirty you should be married with kids at forty your career should be rocketing forward. I am sure for some of you this was the right thing to do.

I cannot help but wonder how you feel right now if you have lived your life according to a recognized career path with a good college education and straight into work.

Perhaps you have been anxious about your job, anxious about your income, and reflecting on the sacrifices you have made for a life that you were already questioning.

I help and support your mental health through physical activity, think of it as rehabilitation of your mind, improving your resilience and mindset.

How fast is your life?

Life is a marathon, it is not a sprint, the secret is to learn to enjoy the journey and forget the destination after all that is just a race to an early grave. Think about it once you are there – what’s there to get up for?

“Life is what happens to you as you are busy making other plans.”

John Lennon.

Do YOU Need clarity in your life!

Enjoying your life is about being in the moment and giving it your focus. It’s about being mindfully prepared to work on yourself and develop your mindset. I am not talking about studying in books for years waiting for some future departure. No, I am talking about real steps you can take today that will have an immediate impact.

David Kolb an American Learning Theorist says, “Learning is a process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.”

David Kolb.

I help and support your mental health through physical activity, think of it as rehabilitation of your mind, improving your resilience and mindset.

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