December 4

Sean Liddell mental health first aider.

Sean is a seasoned mental health first aider and mindfulness coach. He brings his life experiences to bear from his own personal set of circumstances from feeling down and made redundant in the financial crises of 2008 to his now wonderful journey of helping people and benefitting the rewards in terms of personal fulfillment.

Sean admonishes himself now when he considers his former lifestyle of a banker chasing big bucks. As a natural competitor, he and his colleague competed for a fast lifestyle, fast cars, and great holiday locations. He now considers this period as a lack of personal focus and happiness. A major turning point was when his mentor simply asked him, “what makes you happy,” and this really made him think and face the reality of a life that was almost expected of him but not one he truly wanted or made him happy.

Presenteeism what is it?

Sean brought a new term “presenteeism” to my vocabulary and hence this blog which I now understand is creating more stress and not only for the person experiencing it but their colleagues they work with. Presenteeism is a term used to describe your workmates attending work due to a misplaced loyalty when really you shouldn’t be at work at all. For example, being ill and attending work during Covid19. Bereavement is another example of when your head is just not there and yet you attend work. Not only can it be dangerous but statistics show presenteeism accounts for twice as many losses as absenteeism because of the effects of turning up to work and the impact on your colleagues and business. Attending work when you shouldn’t is physically and mentally impairing your health and that of others and so it’s something you and business have to give consideration to and it’s never been so relevant as now!

Breathing intention into your day.

Sean thought Christmas presents a great opportunity to reset and to really reflect on your life. Sean advises taking a walk or as he describes a mindful walk during the festivities and consciously be aware of the pressure on your feet as you place your foot to the floor. Feel your heel make contact with the floor and the pressure moving over the foot towards your toes as you walk down the street. This really takes you into the moment. Ensure you take your time to appreciate the colour of the sky and the shape of the clouds and try to help your sensors to come alive as if it’s the first time you have seen, smelt, and heard your surroundings.

Let’s understand what being mindful means?

Choose to be in the present moment without bias or judgment. Your mind may wander and that’s ok and you should simply refocus your thoughts and bring yourself back to the present moment and by using techniques such as that advised in the paragraph above you have a method to reset and refocus. Mindfulness provides a method to stop you from worrying about the future or the past and so is a technique that can be used to prevent panic attacks.


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