December 18

People wanting to lead an orchestra must turn their backs to the crowd!

Achieving a complete pivot following a life-changing experience is often just like this – turning your back to the crowd so you can lead the life you desire. For Gillian Seale following an episode of poor health, she turned her back on the life she knew and made a complete 180-degree turnaround and whilst doing so learned to enjoy her life and how she spent her time.

Gillian Seale is living proof and provides a great testimony as to how taking-on something new in addition to her current to-do list helped create space in her head allowing the magic to happen by resolving her problems.

Head down arse up approach.

I get it as I have been busy, and I know that look very well with your head down and ass-up approach hoping that the more you work on your problem searching for a solution that a miracle will happen. The truth is nothing changes and you keep doing it. Gillian Seale is living proof, that for things to change you have to change what you are doing!

Gillian understood this fast and by starting a new activity, badminton in this instance, her creative skills in language and illustrations came to the fore and new ideas took hold in the creative side of the brain.

How does this work?

This is going to sound counter-intuitive. Take a lazy day at home you would think you would feel more energized from doing nothing but in fact, you feel more tired. Likewise, by doing exercise you do not feel tired from the activity you actually feel more alive and with more energy. That is what I mean by counter-intuitive. In a similar way continual looking at a problem allows nothing new to come into the mind because you are failing to create the space in your head for the magic to happen.

Now by doing something new other than focusing on your current problem like starting a new activity you are not adding to your list of tasks to be done but in fact creating the space for the subconscious mind to work overtime for you and to find your solution to your initial problem.

Practice and good habits.

Gillian found the more she practiced and committed to the task the easier it was enter to enter the state of flow. Given that Gillian is writing books to preserve memories, and bringing healing and comfort to bereaved children through stories it was important she is able to bring back positive memories and images without creating anxiety. Gillian found the ability to utilize the subconscious mind helped her forge this path of creating the right tone.

If you have a need or know someone with a need to help preserve important family memories you may want to contact Gillian here;

Listen to Gillian talk about her journey and discovering flow and what is done for her and more importantly potentially what it could do for you;


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