March 28

Learn to switch off meditation.


Switching off our minds and doing nothing but reflect and recuperate is good for your mental health. In our 21st Century living doing nothing is very difficult and busy for busy sake is not productive. 

You may find yourself with very little to do at the moment. You may find yourself with more time searching for things to do to be productive. I’m suggesting to be productive you should stop rushing around but use the time to consider your purpose by clearing your mental energy blockages and free the mind to be more creative. Appreciate the value of being still and letting your mind wander. It may well reveal what you truly want and what your true path is in future. It may involve a lot of change but don’t forget how positive change can be.

In this video I explain how to free your mind, become mindful and creative and in doing deliver a great mind set by using a simple technique to slow the mind and then energise the body with a wonderful anxiety free energised outcome.

I hope you find it helpful. Please share if you think it could help others.


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