August 24

Its just a load of diarrhea is Mental Health.

When we speak about Mental Health we very rarely talk about the physical impact of those suffering with anxiety.

Holistic practitioner I am not. You know the type telling you to take one day at a time and everything will be alright. No I am more of a solutions type of guy teaching you to support your Mental Health through physical activity.

Its not that strange when you really think about it. You suffer physically because of your anxiety & stress. For example many anxiety and stress sufferers have bowel problems such as diarrhea or the feeling they constantly need to go for a number two.

It’s the fight, flight & freeze autonomic system kicking in that controls your internal organs and regulates bodily functions. Your body chooses to empty your bowels every time you feel overwhelmed.

The answer is to support your Mental Health through physical activity. It may seem strange but being active your body has more energy, you don’t tire as quickly, and the focus shifts your mindset from the anxiety and so the need to move your bowels disappears.

You are now capable of making decisions with greater focus as your mind is sharper. Your mind being constantly challenged to reflect, resolve, reset, evolve and finally achieving flow is not only alleviating your symptoms but you feel better, you look better and you are now more productive.

Would you like to learn more about maximizing your performance and controlling your bowel movements.

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