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It’s all in a day’s work!


How what I do works & the BENEFITS the clients receive.

I meet HR or the individual responsible for team performance and discuss what they are looking for from their teams and the objectives they want to achieve. I will then discuss with them the program more suitable to fulfill their objectives and explain why. I help FREE you from stress by changing the dynamic and the way you think.

Outcomes include;

  • Behavioural Change.
  • More Energy.
  • Reduced BAD Stress.
  • Strategical thinking.
  • Anxiety Gone.
  • Greater Focus.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Cohesive Teams.
  • Optimal Performance meaning you perform at your peak for longer

What I do Explained!

I work in organisations looking to change the behavior of their people using sport and the joy of movement as a metaphor for the workplace. I specialize in programs breaking from the every day and helping change your perspective. This really changes the team’s dynamic. This is exactly what sports does for team performance. It alters the environment, opens people up, and the learning sticks in their mind. Sports and pressure will also show people’s true colours. After the event, we talk, discuss, and reflect upon the outcomes with the intention of taking the learning outcomes back to the workplace.

Type of businesses you work with

I am usually involved with an HR Department of many types of different organisations employing a minimum of ten people and up to companies with thousands of employees. The maximum I take on a course at any one time is 20 people.

Why what you do makes a difference to the business.

Sport is the only true time we are in the moment and totally switching off from our day to day activities. This is important because the learning becomes an emotional experience and consequently more likely to be stored in long term memory. This is important if the organisation wants to create long-lasting change as its the only way to change the culture and team behavior.

General wellbeing / Personal development

The only constant we have in life is change. For general wellbeing and personal development, we need to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for change. The great thing about my program it can train you to adapt and prepare for change.

Current Climate

There has never been a time like this when one-third of the world’s population is being home contained. I believe there will be an increase in mental issues consequently and programs such as mine helping people adapt to change will be an important tool in the handbook of HR.

Online Well-Being School.

I have prepared a full absolute beginners course for Well-Being called 5 Easy Steps – Stress Buster 1-5. Why not take a look and enquire about the discounted bundle package. Each program a minimum of 15 minutes and for the five courses only £79.99 for a limited time only.


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