November 30

If you look defeated you probably are!

Ever noticed how an animal responds to a threat they usually make themselves look bigger. They want to intimidate you by making themselves look bigger, stronger, and more ferocious.

In my opinion, good self defence classes are taught by following this basic but effective rule, to look more than what you are and by doing so prevent a possible attack.

You want respect and to look, confidant.

It’s amazing how different clothes can make you feel. We all have that piece of clothing that changes you and your outlook. We have our comfy set of clothes that we want to wear after a long day and the clothes we wear when we want to impress.

Did you know in psychological tests it has been proven that people wearing smart clothes have been reported as taller or slimmer than the same person they were asked to recall when they were dressed in everyday clothes?

Dress for success!

It’s all about perception and it’s about being more than you are at that moment in time or if you like; fake it till you make it. Over the years I have been treated really differently in many different situations when I was dressed for success. You should dress to support the vision in your head of the person you want to be.

Let’s be honest here!

I am not up to providing your advice in the form of a course that takes you part of the way but leaves you hungry. This course is a full menu and will provide the foundations for you in which to build upon. This FREE online course is a starting point to move forward in your life. Using all my experiences from running and selling a successful business of 25 years and competing successfully at the top level in my sport of kick-boxing I will show you how to build and restore your confidence, create a strong mindset, and how to be in the moment. Access here;

So what’s stopping you from moving forward is it your ego or your mind craving security and holding your heart back. Please do not live a life of regret like my much loved relative.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Lewis Caroll

The NEED for Acceptance Will Make You INVISIBLE – Jim Carrey

This video by Jim Carrey (Actor), explains how fear can hold you back so don’t let it otherwise your life will be full of regret.


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