April 8

How pain point improves performance.

Reducing stress at work.

As many of us return to the workplace, it’s only natural to experience feelings of apprehension. I can see proximity being a real issue for many people and a potential trigger of conflict.

Potential triggers of conflict caused by the virus only serve to add to existing stressors such as not seeing eye to eye with your boss!

My workshop for the British Army.

Stress and conflict impair everyone’s ability to maximize their performance at work. Recently, I provided a workshop to a combat military logistics unit in the UK, (The British Army), to help with mental resilience and to help everyone learn to find even more joy in what they do by adopting a new method in how you approach work.

My workshop on WORK-FLOW teaches people how to find a challenge intrinsically rewarding whilst seeking to perfect what they can achieve through continual improvement.

My workshop covers.

How my workshops improve your work experience and maximizes your performance.

1) Rhythm at work provides workflow. Workflow happens when your subconscious is so practiced that your body responds without consciously thinking. It’s not about setting a pace or speed, it’s about responding to an internal rhythm of performance through practice.

2) Explosive techniques are a focus of energy executed at the right time and have a big impact. Its stimuli is the internal coherence of mind and body fused by practice. This is workflow.

3) You practice technique in seeking perfection by making small adjustments whilst practicing. You maintain your focus on practicing and by doing so create more opportunities to subconsciously enter the workflow.

4) Stretching is not just a physical plain but a mental one. Training the mind to move out of your comfort zone has to be a major part of your personal development plan. My workshop teaches the discipline of the mind enabling you to embrace change.

5) Stamina in a work context is about approaching a challenge with the right mental energy. Mindset starts not with the mind but with the body. We challenge the body and we improve our mental energy and develop a stronger mindset. This is what is meant by the body instructing the mind.
My workshop is designed to create flow in your workforce and maximize performance in all participants.

Would you like to learn more? Click here to do so www.painpointcoach.co.uk 


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