November 12

Get your motor running!

Life is so very precious and yet we can be guilty of wishing our time away wanting to be anywhere other than here right now!

Daydreaming, looking for adventure, or whatever comes our way. They say procrastination is the thief of time so why daydream your life away?

“I am going to make it happen! Head out on the highway, looking for adventure. We can climb so high – I never wanna die,”…..sure you know the lyrics of the song but how many of you are still passing your time realising the only freedom you have is a weekend pass from work.

Create the life you want to lead!

The saddest thing I heard was a much-loved relative tell me she regretted the way she had lived her life a few days before passing. Can you imagine and I made the unforgivable mistake of telling her that she was wrong that her life had been valued. That sort of misses the point the value was not mine to behold that right belonged solely to her.

In hindsight, I would have handled this much differently and listened to her and perhaps ask her to record her feelings for prosperity that others may learn. I now feel this would have placated her feelings of loss.

It’s time to cease gambling on your future, your dreams, and aspirations and seek clarity in your life and allow time to reflect on things to be revealed to you, and become the person you always knew yourself to be.

Maximizing YOUR Performance with Clarity is FREE and is your opportunity to begin a journey of change. It will take practice, it will take commitment and you will need some perseverance but you will get there through the transference of knowledge by experience and in doing so build the resilience in your subconscious mind.

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