September 29

Get Out of Your Lazy Bed!


A-Get up
A-Get up
Get outta your lazy bed
Before I count to three – step to it baby – sang Matt Bianco – do you remember him?

There I go showing my age again.

Anyhow, I digress and for all the exercising and early morning jaunts no one seems to extol the virtues of doing nothing, reflecting and relaxing. So I will!

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for activity and even in the early mornings after all I am an ex Kick-Boxer driven (passionately not in a car), but to run either early in the mornings or later in the night when the air is at freshest.

However, this brings me to a very important point and that is no one and I mean no one can perform at their best over a long duration. This leads to burn out. You know sometimes you are a five which is fine but be the best five you can.

In the early 80’s it felt like we were travelling to London every other weekend to compete. We travelled down early on a Saturday morning and caught the last train back. It was not like a train ride now. Going there took 5.5 hours and the last train was an over night carriage taking 7.5 hours arriving early on a Sunday morning at Lime Street Station.

When we got to London more often than not we had a mad rush to make the venue for the weigh in. Then the fight and then a mad dash back to Euston or we missed the last train and slept on the floor.

Most times we made the last train at Euston. However, on a few occasion Suggs from Madness would insist on buying me a drink as though he trained Kung Fu in London with David Lee he just loved the way we rushed in, performed and help put on a great show. It was great being appreciated that was until we slept on the floor of Euston station a few times.

Anyhow, getting to the point I began to realize that the constant pressure of performing week in week out with no time to relax, reflect, reset and refocus is draining and though physically your body will perform emotionally you have not had the time to digest the learning outcomes from the experience.

We are emotional beings and our brains register emotional and physical pain in the same way. In other words the brain does not differentiate between the two.

There is power to recovery and reflection make sure in your busy diary to include for a lazy day, a family day and bloody good lye in once in a while. Mix that up with your activity and you will not be going far wrong just ensure you do not leave it out.

Power of Reflection: Reading the “signs” along the way of life each day helps us determine directionperspective, and gain fulfillment by celebrating moments of value we may otherwise miss in going too fast. By mentally visiting the events of the day (or past week), we can think with greater understanding.


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