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Former boxing champion reveals his secrets to self-development


Rather than offer basic remedies to develop the subconscious mind, John Bullock has always preferred the physical rather than mental road to successfully doing that.

“…the body is easier to control than the mind in successfully developing sub-conscious minds.”

John Bullock

In his younger days, Liverpudlian John Bullock boxed his way to British Champion in the eighties but the experience left him with far more than just the glory and memories that go with it.

A sports scientist and psychologist at heart, Bullock used the logical side of his brain to latterly develop a successful career in property and accountancy.

Through his passion and business vehicle, Pain Point Coach, enabling people to fulfil their potential is Bullock’s key objective in his work which he describes as a collaboration of “all he’s learned in sport and business to date.”

Bullock will tell you his favourite subject is centred on how we can re-programme our conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviours and move on to a better quality of life.

Recognising that key to this is focusing on the subconscious, he disputes the basic remedies put forward to develop that part of the mind which one is not fully aware of, but which influences one’s actions and feelings.

He explained: “How do we find joy and fun in e.g. our everyday work and family life? Joy is a prime motivator of your heart. So how can you find joy and value in what you do?

Bullock says our focus needs to be on changing the perception of our environment and changing the way we think about ourselves and, how we achieve that to make long lasting impactful change.

“It doesn’t start with the mind. The mind reacts well to short term changes…for example, buying things, but that doesn’t create long term joy.”

Bullock says new theories about how the body informs the mind are showing us that mastery of the body and our understanding of the biofeedback mechanisms are far more complex than previously described.

He continued: “Performing everyday tasks demonstrates how the body instructs the mind and builds a stronger mindset. Our mindsets are improved the more we physically practice something. We become more confident and more assured in who we are via the knowledge that we can develop through our good habits.

Bullock maintains that this process then provides a method for people to find their fun and joy.

“Scientists now tell us we have three brains which also includes your heart and your gut. Each brain has millions of neurons connected to the mind and they send signals both ways i.e. to your gut and to your brain. For some reason today, we have disregarded our other brains, and we have chosen to concentrate solely on our minds as the intelligence.

“Yet by tapping into our gut and heart too, we can use our bodies to learn & experience the world we inhabit in a fuller way. We are in essence making ourselves three times more intelligent by using the body to instruct the mind and create new neurons or new ways of processing information and problem solving.”

Bullock insists that the body knows better than the conscious mind.

“Through ‘declarative memory’, the more we practice using our body, the more we can instruct our minds and therefore can respond more effectively in the need to change. We can apply this to everything from simple everyday tasks to our quest to maximise performance in our chosen field…without the need to consciously think.”

Bullock talks about a ‘system of feedback and intrinsic rewards’ from doing something you have mastered without having to stop or to consciously think. “That’s when you begin to find joy and fun in all that you do.”

“And it’s the impact from the practice that has the potential to become life changing.”

Bullock adds: “Everything in life is an emotional experience. Until you experience consistent improvement moving towards mastery, all you have is knowledge.”

Bullock’s successes thus far with Pain Point Coach have come at an impressively high-profile level including working with The British Army.

“Ultimately, I’ve been able to combine experiential learning with the development of the subconscious mind. This has brought to the people I’ve been working with, a deeply profound sense of fun and joy as a critical part of advancing their self-development.  

“As I mentioned previously, it’s really been about people’s perception of their environment changing for the better, making sure the heart, gut and mind are all at play plus, that fact that we can all thrive by improving our mindset, through our mental energy and good habits.

“But” concludes Bullock, “the crux is their acknowledgment that the body is easier to control than the mind in successfully developing their sub-conscious minds.”

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