October 19

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Beach-boxing has been successfully piloted in Crosby & New Brighton Beach during the Spring & Summer and I am now happy to report we are building a following of eager participants that enjoy open-air fitness as much as I do.

Autumn & winter the SAD months.

I thought about moving the activity to the inside of a gym but I kept coming to one over riding condition and that was the joy of exercise in the sea air and enjoying the beach. Then when you factor in the dark nights and days you realise the limited opportunity to take in fresh air and vitamin D is definitely on the beach.

Having fun is a big part of Beach-Boxing.

Enjoying what we do is so important in life and beach-boxing because you will remember the learning longer, you will improve your execution and you will discipline yourself to keep up the activity.

I am committed to beach-boxing.

So, after a discussion with both groups we have decided to keep to the beach and just wrap up in warmer clothes when it gets colder. Crosby decided to move to a Sunday at 12.30pm and New Brighton remains on a Friday at 7.15am. We were all of the same opinion that once we get moving we will not notice the weather or how hot or cold it is but simply enjoying what we are doing in the open air.

Click the link below to learn more or contact me direct on win@painpointcoach.co.uk



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