April 20

Dreams to goals.


It sounds ever so simple and truth be known it is but what many of us lack is a method of turning our goals into dreams that are then to be realised.

Enter new author Darren J Brookes.

Darren’s book is the radar system honing into our personal potential to be the best version of ourselves and it really is that simple. The difficult part is starting the journey and having the courage to see it through.

What struck me was that it did not matter whether you were struggling with life like many of the people Darren had helped in his former life when working in a dependency rehabilitation unit or someone starting to question the purpose of why they were here. Dreams to Goals provides a methodical template that you can refer to for guidance and support as you begin to see over the parapet of life.

Why now?

They say there is a book in us all and like his book Darren has not just talked a good fight he has delivered by following his own advice which is discover your why? In doing so he has discovered his motivation and reason for moving forward with his life. Let us be honest here Darren is not saying his life is charmed and he goes from conquest to the next fulfilled aspect of his life in a seeming less stress free existence. No, that is not what the why does for you but it is a light that shines the way and though from time it may require new batteries it is a constant source of direction from which the other aspects will flow.

Other aspects of Dreams to Goals

Listen to Darren’s explanation of how to achieve your dreams to goals in this video interview. Better still you can acquire his book by clicking this link. https://www.amazon.co.uk/DREAMS-GOALS-Darren-J-Brookes/dp/1838403108/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=dreams+to+goals&qid=1618476747&sprefix=dreams+t&sr=8-1


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