March 20

Maximizing YOUR Performance 5 – mindfulness & mindset.


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Re-program your conditioned patterns of thoughts and behaviours by being in the moment and create a better quality of life.

Born to win - honed to lose.

(Paul Corke Author).

"I was in one of John’s training yesterday and completely blow my mind. Something different to what we are use to. John knows how to connect with the people and deliver great meaningful training."

David Fabra- Entrepreneur

"Truly brilliant course this evening and not like any I have done before. A great practical lesson on focus. Not your average training and delivered by an expert. A true genial master of business and martial arts."

Mary Kettel - Life Coach

"Priceless information that should be part of the curriculum at school and college to arm yourself for the world of work and life."

Joel Jelen - Public Relations


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