September 2

BINGE EATING – Mental health comes in all shapes & sizes.


You have done it! I know I have! Who hasn’t stuffed themselves full of junk and then totally regretted it. It’s a mood thing when you are feeling gloomy or when things have not gone your way you concede just the one biscuit but before you know the whole packet has disappeared and what happens you feel even gloomier about yourself and you didn’t think that was possible.

Imagine eating and hating yourself for doing it! Imagine eating and not enjoying your food but not having the resolve to STOP!

Welcome to binge eating we do it knowing its not going to make anything better and we do it knowing we are eating #hit with a quick sugar fix and short term gain having been traded in for long term health concerns.

So the real problem is when the binge eating becomes a crutch and you rely upon it improve your mood time and time again. As its a short term solution unless you break the habit you begin to repeat it and repeat it.

The answer is what has now become my calling card – supporting mental health & well-being through physical activity, discussion and reflection.

Alex Colianni a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Eating Recovery Center, Illinois says, “Exercise could help to reduce binge eating habits — particularly if you are seeking professional help to overcome the tendency to binge eat.”

It is always about changing habits and reflecting on what you enjoy and what really works for you. The more fun you can make it, whatever activity you choose, the more likely you are to make friends that you can share your success with.

This article a 3 minute read explains how activity and not exercise can really help.


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