January 26

Local Photographer has a vision and now has a clear lens.

Les is a local lad and photographer based in the Wirral. Les has experienced struggles with the lockdowns because his business has been impacted financially and he has been worried about the effects on his mental health.

Dealing with change.

Les has experienced changes in his life like the time he was made redundant from a high street retail chain. Les was responsible for procurement. He considered his options and decided to fulfill a new passion revealed to him by helping people capture magical moments in their lives. He created a living from something he enjoyed. However, his greatest intrinsic reward was the responses he received from clients as they loved what he did and also the aftercare he delivered in his events photography business.


Life can sometimes wear us down and just as Les was gaining momentum and building a reputation the rug was taken from beneath his feet. This time the impact was great and, he felt bereft of ideas, confidence, and positivity.

Free online course.

I was more than happy to help Les and provide clarity and confidence in his life enabling him to move forward. with my FREE online course which can be accessed here; https://www.painpointcoach.co.uk/free-email-series-maximizing-your-performance-with-clarity/

Maximizing your Performance with clarity is five days of emails and video with a series of tasks to be completed to help you move forward in your life. Les particularly found the vision board of help. A vision board or dream board can be created with photography as Les has done or simply cutting out photographs from colored magazines and pasting them on to a piece of card. The idea is to place the vision board where you can see it daily as a constant reminder and focus on the direction your life is heading. You then consciously and subconsciously reinforce your vision board daily into your mind so you act upon those thoughts.

Les can be contacted for his work at; http://www.platinum-photography.co.uk and by clicking the video below you will learn from Les how he developed his mindset and is now far more positive.


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