March 19

Adapting to change


Here one moment, gone the next. The Beatles song, ‘In my Life’ has a line that goes, “there are places I remember, some have gone and some remain.” There is something that resonates in the lyrics about holding on to the past and the comforts we invest in those same memories of endless summers and worry-free childhoods.

Why in life do we often create an illusion of permanence and stability? Is it not a psychological magic trick performed so to distract us and prevent us from confronting the reality of our lives given the rapid pace of change in our technological age?

There has been more change in the last ten years than perhaps the last two hundred years and yet we are still not prepared to embrace change and do something different, learn something different and be something different.

We have all experienced auto-pilot, that part of the brain we engage when we happily go along in life in an almost dream-like state with no real engagement unless we feel threatened and we become more alert & focused due to the external stimuli.

We are shaken from our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong in auto-pilot in itself…albeit you become too comfortable with it and never leave it and, that my friends is the danger. Too comfortable. The slightest deviation from our comfort zone can cause an emotional response totally out of kilter with the event.

To move our lives forward and to be the best we can, we need to challenge ourselves and be prepared to leave our comfort zones and to do so on a regular basis. Why? Simply because those that adapt faster, learn faster, create new experiences and engage more will feel more happy and fulfilled in life and that’s got to be good.

It’s also true to state learning and challenging ourselves releases endorphins in the brain…a kind of ‘mother nature happy pill.’

In the following downloaded link, I have created a small booklet containing affirmations and ideas you can implement in your lives that will help you adapt to change and move you forward to becoming a more successful and fulfilled you.  I’d love to know how it’s helped you in these extreme times, even if it’s just thought provoking.

John Bullock


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