August 10

Huw Edwards lead BBC News Anchor is fit for the square ring are you?


For me and thousands and thousands of like minded people that having experienced the benefits of sport not just from a physical health perspective but from a mental health perspective really get what Huw explains in this article.

But this is exactly what I do! I unlock your mental health challenges through the physical. It’s as simple as learning by doing but the outcomes are profound! Listen to what Huw says here, “I suppose my message to anyone in their 50s – male or female – faced with a similar situation to mine and feeling low, is that making the effort to get physically fit will pay huge dividends both physically and mentally”. He goes on to talk about being physically fit enough means your mind is sharper. You are more focused, less tired and are able to make clear, better & decisive decisions. This is where leaders are formed learning first to overcome their own personal challenges, after all it’s commonsense, if you cannot motivate yourself and learn how to overcome obstacles and challenges how are you going to do it for a team.

The reality of the situation is that most people get the health benefits they just don’t understand the mental health benefits and how this empowers your ability to become a leader and make great decisions.

But that’s only the start of it learning to overcome your challenges the real deal is learning and supporting your team to over come their challenges. That’s where my experience in competition at national and international levels really moves teams forward. I have the tool kit because I have been there, responsible for teams at high levels, in both business and sport.

That’s where I use my experience to dissect your teams performance by observing & listening I am able to penetrate your thoughts and reflections with the right questions resetting and refocusing your efforts. Many times as with Huw its about resolving issues sometimes on a personal level and sometimes for the team. That’s the great things about sport you see everything in its true colors – it all comes out in the end. My training ensures the teams evolves through personal and team development, moving them beyond their limitations and in to a flow zone where their challenges match your skill set rocketing your productive time.

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