March 17

Maximizing YOUR Performance 2 Power Up Energy Levels


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Ian Denny


“I had my eyes opened during a course where we actually used (very light) martial arts on strangers to examine our own fears, reservations and resilience. It was actually a good laugh and touched me! If you see one of John’s courses, you should throw all caution to the wind and get along. You’ll leave much stronger and confident”

Gary Armstrong


“I met John some time ago through a proactive networking group. Whilst being personable and likeable his business acumen and analytical nature shone through. John is also an athlete and sportsman performing at the highest level.

It’s no surprise that he now combines his keen sport psychology and principles with his business experience & leadership skills to work with teams experiencing various pain-points.

I can’t think of anyone in the coaching space at this moment that has John’s edge and ability and I have no qualms in working with John or referring him to clients. He perhaps doesn’t know it (because he is so incredibly humble) but he is up there with the best".

Saar Sandy

(Language Lecturer)[Dubai].

”John is an amazing coach who can help with life changes. I strongly recommend everyone to join this program”.


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