November 7

“Coaching and why my work has been labelled unique”

A blog by John Bullock of acclaimed wellness coaching company Pain Point Coach

If you want to be a lawyer, an accountant or engineer you go to school to learn those same skills. But if you want to learn to think on your feet in the heat of the moment where do you go?

And it’s that very skillset that we often most prize, especially when faced with work and life challenges that require prompt attention and a response.

You can be trained to respond in the most effective way to the many curve balls that get thrown at you and that’s the essence of Pain Point Coach.

Sometimes you need to think and respond creatively, sometimes there’s some common sense involved and often there’s both!

Regardless, what’s always involved is experience.

David Kolb an American Learning Theorist said: “Learning is a process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.”

David Kolb.

Ultimately, an expert eye can bring small but impactful change.

We can all relate to this in different ways.

My boxing career has given me perspective on experiential learning.

Take a boxing fight. How often have you heard two people who saw the same fight say they saw two different outcomes?

I would argue that a trained eye, an expert eye in this instance, will see things the untrained eye did not register. He will know what needs to be done to maximise the fighter’s potential too at various points during the fight.

Within the context of business, that’s exactly what I do…cast my eye on your current performance and help you to maximize your future performance.

Very briefly, I use a variety of exercises (non-physically exerting) as a mechanism to resolve problems and measure how you currently respond to pressure under stress.

It helps me to understand the way a client works and solves problems.

Once I have created awareness of a client’s behaviours for them, I can begin to help them make small changes that have a big impact.

My aim is to ultimately maximize my client’s performance.

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